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"All people are like Precious Stones, When they are raw they do not look much to behold but when we spend time with them and give love and attention, their worth is revealed and they begin to shine"

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Special Talks

Effective and educational special talks were successfully done on November and December, 2020. Before the election, youth program arranged to give the right information about election process to the first voters. Youths participated not only from targeted areas (Insein and East Dagon) but also from Hmawbi, Bago and some other townships from Yangon. The Participants […]

Disaster Risk Reduction Awareness Training

Awareness on Disaster Risk Reduction and basic knowledge on using mobile application for communication training were done for four days on (16-19.12.20) at East Dagon Community Learning Center(CLC), Insein Youth Learning Center(YLC) and East Dagon YLC. Altogether (26) participants attended the training. This training was done according to the directions and rules of MOHs. They […]

Life-skill Training

In 2020, Precious Stones’ Youth Empowerment Program organized Life-skill trainings three times for Basic School and University Students, Drop-out Youth on November 4th-6th, 13th-15th and December 8th-10th through Zoom. Total 19 youth were participated. Skills on Goal Setting, Problem Solving, Self-esteem, Communication, Decision Making and Responsibility were given in the trainings. One of the youth […]

The Activities of Self–Help Groups Committees

In 2020, the four Self-Help Group committees named (1) Alin Yaung means “The Light”, SHG committee in 42 ward , and (2) SHG committee in 32 ward in North Dagon Township, (3) Twel Latt Nyi means ” Holding Hands Together”, SHG committee in East Dagon Township and, (4) SHG committee in Insein were lead the […]

Parent Honoring Day Program

In November 2020, Parent Honoring Day Program was organized with 18 youth from East Dagon, North Dagon, Insein, Shwe Pyi Thar and Hlaing Thar Yar. In this year, any one cannot communicate in person especially like previous years. It was hard to do the traditional homage section with youth groups visitation. Thus, honoring activity was […]

Parent-Youth Discussion(within Youth)

This program was purposed to negotiate between parents and youths. During Covid-19 Pandemic Era, the discussion was done between youth via Zoom. This special activity targeted for youth to understand the situation of the parents and to realize the expectation of their parents. Cho Cho Aye, listened the feeling of youth and discussed with youth […]

Reading Clubs and English Conversation Club During Covid-19 Stay at Home Era

According to the Precious Stones’ Goal, we want to empower women and youth to be skilled and constructive leader in building flourishing communities. Precious Stones Organization’s Youth Program organized the Online Reading Club and Online English Conversation Club for youth by using Zoom application during period of Covid-19 era. There are two Reading Clubs of […]

Self-Help Group’s Committees supported their SHG groups’ members in pandemic era

     There are 4 Self-Help Group Committees in 4 target areas of Precious Stones. In each committee, there are 5 to 15 Self-Help Groups. So, there are 40 Self-Help Groups in Precious Stones. Totally, there are 200 Self-Help Group members. In Pandemic Era of Covid-19, the SHG committees cared their SHG members in each […]

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