Community Development Training (1-2 March)

With group presentations, learning the different levels how to face in the community by practice and how to deal with them by eating together, and learning how to listen well and understand them by games.

Understanding the classes of Society (Upper Class)

Understanding the Classes of Society (Middle Class)

Understanding the classes of society (Lower Class)

Personal Assessment and Development Training(4-5 April)

What type of people are you? Are you a type of doer or helper, Influencer or investigator or organizer? To do assessment to self is wonderful for youth. Behavior, thoughts and talks can develop you. But caring, listening and understanding will good for your relationship.

Questioning time with facilitator

Gender and Positive Masculinity (17-18 May)

To know the difference of sex and gender. Lesbian, Gay, Bi- sexual and Trans gender is the social norms that regarded by people. Why violence? Why not peace? Positive changes?Right attitudes? Can this change our society behavior to positive? Can we change our positive masculinity to good behavior according to peace?

Positive Masculinity Training Group Photo Session

Active Citizenship (5-6 July)

Playing some games to know about Civic education and civic mind. As an active citizen, should know about people, planet and profit, to yourself, your country and to the environment. What about the active citizen and the law? To have good minded and responsibilities for the country.

Discussion Time during Active Citizenship Training


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