Effective and educational special talks were successfully done on November and December, 2020. Before the election, youth program arranged to give the right information about election process to the first voters. Youths participated not only from targeted areas (Insein and East Dagon) but also from Hmawbi, Bago and some other townships from Yangon.

Guest Speaker was explaining about Hluttaw
Discussion with youth about giving advance voting

The Participants discussed openly and learned from the speaker during one and a half hour.

In the feedback: As the first voters, they said that they got knowledge about voting system and about Hluttaw. So they got advantages from this session.

Special Talks on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights held in December 2020. Many youth were participated from Kayin State, Bago, Taungoo, Taunggyi, Mandalay and Yangon.

Activity time to show agree and disagree the statements about Sexual and Reproductive Health
Activity time by asking how much youths know about Sexual and Reproductive Health
Sharing Session led by Guest Speaker

Youths loved to learn about that topics and showed their interests till the end. Some gave the suggestions to do for part-2 in coming year. The session went lively by using basic language for University and School Drop-out Youths. 73 youths participated in these two session of special talks and we had great times with youths and the speakers.

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Awareness on Disaster Risk Reduction and basic knowledge on using mobile application for communication training were done for four days on (16-19.12.20) at East Dagon Community Learning Center(CLC), Insein Youth Learning Center(YLC) and East Dagon YLC. Altogether (26) participants attended the training. This training was done according to the directions and rules of MOHs.

The participants are drawing mapping of their community(42 & East Dagon)

They learnt about different types of disasters and how to manage the disasters. Moreover, they had shared their experiences related to the disaster they had faced. They examine the possible risks in their environment by drawing their community maps.

Drawing their community mapInsein
Drawing their community map(North Dagon)

So that, drawing their community maps also help them to recognize their nearby risks and disaster that might occur and it also help them to get the information about Emergency response groups around their community. Some SHG also response to set up the Disaster Management team and work together with their community ward leaders.

This awareness training was supportive to the SHG members who’s attended and also to the community through them.

Presenting about their experiences related to Disaster

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In 2020, Precious Stones' Youth Empowerment Program organized Life-skill trainings three times for Basic School and University Students, Drop-out Youth on November 4th-6th, 13th-15th and December 8th-10th through Zoom. Total 19 youth were participated.  Skills on Goal Setting, Problem Solving, Self-esteem, Communication, Decision Making and Responsibility  were given in the trainings.
Life-Skill Training (Insein)
Discussion within youth in Training (Insein)

One of the youth said, “I love to learn about goal settings because I realized detail about my life. The training was very good for me and I shared to others. During the training, I could evaluate myself well”.

Teaching Goal Setting (Insein)
Discussion Time within Youth in East Dagon
After all of the trainings, youth  set their goals for 2021 and for their life careers. They actively participated in the trainings and urged to do inhouse trainings. They also suggested that each of the trainings should do more than 3 days. All the certificates were transferred online. So that, we reduced the risk of Covid-19.

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In 2020, the four Self-Help Group committees named

(1) Alin Yaung means “The Light”, SHG committee in 42 ward , and

(2) SHG committee in 32 ward in North Dagon Township,

(3) Twel Latt Nyi means ” Holding Hands Together”, SHG committee in East Dagon Township and,

(4) SHG committee in Insein

were lead the activities for their community by themselves successfully under the instruction of Ministry of Health and Sports.

42 SHG Committee Action Plan Activities

The representatives of the respective four Self Help Groups’ committees took the leadership role by doing excellence performance throughout the year. All the committees supported basic essential foods for their groups’ members during COVID -19 pandemic era.

Action Plan Activities were led by 32 SHG Committee

Alin Yaung (42 ward ) SHG Committee was done (2) awareness activities. (a) Communication Training for SHG members and (b) COVID-19 awareness and GBV awareness training for the community.

Altogether (31) participants attended the awareness training which were arranged by the SHG EC members on (26 & 27/11/2020).

(32 ward) SHG Committee had done awareness raising on Reproductive Health and gave Birth Space Injection to (17) women with guest speakers on 7 to 11/12/ 2020 in their community.

Action Plan Activities were led by Insein SHG Committee

Insein SHG Committee was done COVID -19 awareness and Hand gel making activity with (30) SHG members and their community members on (14 – 15/12/2020). The training was given by themselves.

Twel Latt Nyi ( East Dagon) SHG committee was done COVID-19 & GBV awareness training to (24) women, men and young people in their community. The trainers were selected by themselves among them.

The committee leaders lead awareness raising in East Dagon, ED (Twel Latt Nyi) SHG Committee
Action Plan Activities led by East Dagon (Twel Latt Nyi) Committee

The COVID -19 patients and the related group members were supported basic foods and the necessary things by their SHG committees’ funds as much as they could.

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In November 2020, Parent Honoring Day Program was organized with 18 youth from East Dagon, North Dagon, Insein, Shwe Pyi Thar and Hlaing Thar Yar.

In this year, any one cannot communicate in person especially like previous years. It was hard to do the traditional homage section with youth groups visitation. Thus, honoring activity was created online according to their respective beliefs. In this time, youth pay homage to their elders (or) parents and took family photos respectively at their homes.

Youth Program uploaded the family photos at the Precious Facebook Page on 24.11.2021. Participated youth accepted the honorable gifts at the Youth Learning Centers from Insein and East Dagon on 28.11.2021. In this way, everyone could see the sweetness moment of youth and their parents in Tasaung Daing Festival instead of Thadingyut Festival.

Because of that activity, the communication and relationship between youth and their parents were getting better than ever. Youth learned between different religions, beliefs and norms. According the feedbacks, youth and their parents got some attachment that was not get ever before. This is what Youth Program wanted to improve the relationship between parents and their youth.

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This program was purposed to negotiate between parents and youths. During Covid-19 Pandemic Era, the discussion was done between youth via Zoom.

Youths are sharing good feelings about their families

This special activity targeted for youth to understand the situation of the parents and to realize the expectation of their parents. Cho Cho Aye, listened the feeling of youth and discussed with youth to let them understand the feeling of parents. And it had been discussed about the family life that youth hope for.

Encouraging and counselling time

All the discussions and negotiation process were developed in constructive ways. Everyone participated and discussed about their feelings so it created the stress reduced atmosphere for youth within two and half hours. 31 youth participated by sharing their thoughts and feelings in the activity.

Encouraging and counselling times

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According to the Precious Stones’ Goal, we want to empower women and youth to be skilled and constructive leader in building flourishing communities. Precious Stones Organization’s Youth Program organized the Online Reading Club and Online English Conversation Club for youth by using Zoom application during period of Covid-19 era. There are two Reading Clubs of Insein and East Dagon. For Insein Reading Club, we targeted the university level students and drop-out level students are for East Dagon Reading Club.

Insein Reading Club’s sharing section

The programs were started from end of April 29th, 30th and still in progress of every week. Due to the Reading Club, some youth could participate and shared their experience about their daily activities during Covid-19 period. We made the new world for youth to learn and share their feelings through Social M. In every week, we announced and persuaded youth to be a participant of Precious Stones’ Youth Program by using the Facebook Posts.

East Dagon Reading Club’s sharing section

East Dagon Reading Club’s reading section

We read books, played games about Burmese Proverbs, shared the general knowledge during the Reading Clubs in Insein and East Dagon.  On the other hand, we only have  an English Conversation Club. We organized the students from East Dagon, Insein and Shwe Pyi Thar to participate and let them grab the opportunities to have self-confident, to improve in English Skills and Presentation Skills within the activity.

Insein English Conversation Club’s speaking section

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     There are 4 Self-Help Group Committees in 4 target areas of Precious Stones. In each committee, there are 5 to 15 Self-Help Groups. So, there are 40 Self-Help Groups in Precious Stones. Totally, there are 200 Self-Help Group members. In Pandemic Era of Covid-19, the SHG committees cared their SHG members in each community by supporting basic need to overcome the hardship as much as they can.    

    East Dagon Self-Help Group Committee supported basic foods (rice, oil, sardine tin, noodles and seasoning powder) to 73 Self-Help Group members on 8th April at Community Learning Center because of Covid-19 pandemic threaded. It is really supportive for those who are facing out of work and to earn daily income.           

   Insein Self-Help Committee supported (51) Self-Help Groups’ members on 10th April. They supported basic foods (rice, oil, onion and seasoning powder) from their committee revolving fund. They used (10000 MMK) for each members.


East Dagon Self Help Group Committee supported to their Self Help Group members in pandemic era


East Dagon Self Help Group Committee supported to their Self Help Group members in pandemic era

32 ward Committee from North Dagon supported basic foods (rice, oil, onion, garlic, soap, eggs and vermicelli) to (25) Self-Help Groups’ members on 2nd April. It’s cost (16000 MMK) for each member. The committee used their revolving fund to support all of their Self-Help Group members.

42 ward Committee from North Dagon supported packs of rice for each SHG members on 20th  April. They used their committee revolving fund each for 7000 MMK.

32 ward Self Help Group Committee supported to their Self Help Group members in pandemic era

Insein Self Help Group Committee supported to their Self Help Group members in pandemic era


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(2017-2019) 3 years review was done in MBCU, Mawlamyaing on 30.11.2019. (5)staffs and (40)youths (Drop out and University Students) who were from East+North Dagon and also Insein were actively participated.

Asking and reflecting on how long they participated with Precious Stones Organization by doing activities. Round Table Discussion on learning points improvements and challenges by world cafe’ style and presentation within groups.

Discussion with youths who were participating with community development activities,engaged with learning and also development activities, improve relationships with parents and friends.

  • with topic by topic grading
  • with why,how, challenges by H-form group discussion

Circle time for feeling sharing

World Cafe’ discussion activity

World Cafe’ discussion activity

World Cafe’ discussion activity

World Cafe’ discussion activity

World Cafe’ discussion activity

H -Form group activity

H-Form group activity

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Self-Help Groups Conference led by Precious Stones Organization on 7.12.2019 and around 161 SHG Groups’ members attended. (4) Self-Help Groups executive committee leaders were handed over their responsibilities and the constitutions. The members were actively presented their performances.

Performing with dance by (42)ward SHG Groups

Performing with Than Chat from East Dagon SHG Groups

Performing with Aerobic Dance by (42)ward SHG Groups


Group Photo of SHG Committee leaders and Precious Stones’ staffs

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