Advance Business plan training was given to (25) Self Help Groups'(SHG) members,  was selected who have experience in doing their own business currently. By doing individual and group work activities during (3)days training, they gained the skills to manage their business and investment, to promote products and markets,  and to draw their own business plan. The closing ceremony was done at New Life foundation in North Dagon.

(24) SHG members who are doing business, participated in Exchange visitation related to their business. The excursion visit was in Twan Tay, and Mingalar Bio Garden on 14 November 2019. The SHG members got opportunity to learn the new ideas that they can applied, moreover they got contact information and network .

In the discussion between peer business women, they shared difficulties and the challenges they overcame. By this moment, they got encouragement and networking. (14) SHG members took loan to do business, since 2018 to 2020. After discussion, the participants improved learning skills by searching and visitation to their likeminded business.

The image of giving some Business Loan


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