Three capacity building training named Problem solving, Organizational management, Social Accountability were done successfully on (29-30.5.2019), (17-18.5.2019) and (31.5-1.6.2019). Altogether (37) SHG Committee leaders attended the training enthusiastically. Each training supports the SHG members to consider deeply and carefully for the advantages not only for their committee but also for their community.

Problem Solving Activity, during the Training


SHG Committee Leaders’ were attending PCM Training

After the training, as leaders they had learnt their duty and responsibility they should have, knowledge  to coordinate with others in their community, skills to analysis the problems around their community and to solve them, to plan and work systematically and know the important of developed their groups systematically.  Moreover, they had leant that sustainability is important for their groups and also for their committees.

 Group Discussion


Recap before training


Draw Community Mapping

The Strengthening activity for the Self-Help Groups’ Leaders was helpful for the Committee Leaders and their community for those who attended the training applied the skills and ideas as much as they can after the training.

Capacity Building Training Attendants


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