In November 2020, Parent Honoring Day Program was organized with 18 youth from East Dagon, North Dagon, Insein, Shwe Pyi Thar and Hlaing Thar Yar.

In this year, any one cannot communicate in person especially like previous years. It was hard to do the traditional homage section with youth groups visitation. Thus, honoring activity was created online according to their respective beliefs. In this time, youth pay homage to their elders (or) parents and took family photos respectively at their homes.

Youth Program uploaded the family photos at the Precious Facebook Page on 24.11.2021. Participated youth accepted the honorable gifts at the Youth Learning Centers from Insein and East Dagon on 28.11.2021. In this way, everyone could see the sweetness moment of youth and their parents in Tasaung Daing Festival instead of Thadingyut Festival.

Because of that activity, the communication and relationship between youth and their parents were getting better than ever. Youth learned between different religions, beliefs and norms. According the feedbacks, youth and their parents got some attachment that was not get ever before. This is what Youth Program wanted to improve the relationship between parents and their youth.


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