Women Empowerment Program

  • Livelihood support for women to form Self Help Group and use this as a basis for their own savings and loans. Groups can also take loans from the program, Working Capital Assistance (Loan for business)
  • Trainings: Vocational, Parenting, Basic Business, Gender awareness, Bookkeeping, Reproductive Health, Knowledge on Violence against Women, Gender Based Violence, Women Leadership Trinings
  • Workshop: SHG concept, Home Economic and budgeting
  • Forum & Campaign: Anti-Gambling, Advocacy on VAW to Local Authority
  • Support: Education, Scholarship, Hardship Fund, Food and medical support
  • Networking: SHG Networking, Exchange Visit with SHG and other NGOs
  • Self Help Groups’ committee meeting and capacity building to strengthen groups and committees

Youth Empowerment Program

  • Life skill training based on critical thinking
  • Peer Education Program
  • Education Support
  • Vocational Trainings
  • Forum and Talks
  • Youth Learning Center: Library, Internet access, English Conversation Club, Reading Club
  • Youth Groups forming and organizing: Capacity Building, Meetings, and small investment
  • Volunteer Program and CV writing training
  • Parent-Youth Discussion

Child Empowernment Program

  • Education Support : School fees, Stationaries, Free Tuition, Libraries, Story Telling, Parental Education
  • Early Childhood Care and Development Program: Day Care, Nutrition, Parent Awareness
  • Health Education and Support: RH for Women and Adolescent, Maternal Support and Education
  • Child Right and Protection : Awareness to Children, Women,
  • Child Group and Child Protection Group: Forming, Networking, Meeting, CRC Day celebration, Capacity Building, Meeting with Ward Administrators, TCRC meetings, CBOs meetings