Effective and educational special talks were successfully done on November and December, 2020. Before the election, youth program arranged to give the right information about election process to the first voters. Youths participated not only from targeted areas (Insein and East Dagon) but also from Hmawbi, Bago and some other townships from Yangon.

Guest Speaker was explaining about Hluttaw
Discussion with youth about giving advance voting

The Participants discussed openly and learned from the speaker during one and a half hour.

In the feedback: As the first voters, they said that they got knowledge about voting system and about Hluttaw. So they got advantages from this session.

Special Talks on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights held in December 2020. Many youth were participated from Kayin State, Bago, Taungoo, Taunggyi, Mandalay and Yangon.

Activity time to show agree and disagree the statements about Sexual and Reproductive Health
Activity time by asking how much youths know about Sexual and Reproductive Health
Sharing Session led by Guest Speaker

Youths loved to learn about that topics and showed their interests till the end. Some gave the suggestions to do for part-2 in coming year. The session went lively by using basic language for University and School Drop-out Youths. 73 youths participated in these two session of special talks and we had great times with youths and the speakers.


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